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“Yet another Aberjona Press classic ...A fascinating tale of a young Ivy Leaguer who found himself as a 19-year-old scout in the Vosges Mountains ...a profound coming of age story of a young man's transition to manhood. Emotionally charged, meticulously edited, and expertly packaged, Into the Mountains Dark is a wonderful WWII memoir.”
Military Heritage Magazine, April 2001

“A deceptively absorbing account…told with warmth, humor, style, wit, and above all, honesty…superbly written. ”
Military Trader magazine, August 2001

“Those who want to expand their knowledge of WWII will find it enlightening. Those who want a cogent portrayal of human relations, good and bad, in stressful, life-threatening and miserable conditions, will gain understanding of what, if not why, men engage in such activities.”
— General Frederick J. Kroesen, Former CG, Seventh Army, in Army magazine, June 2001

“Highly recommended...complements Black Edelweiss and The Good Soldier.”
Armchair General Magazine, September 2005

  Into the Mountains Dark
A WWII Odessey from Harvard Crimson to Infantry Blue
by Franklin L. Gurley
  • Seven highly detailed, original maps and diagrams
  • 40 photos and illustrations
  • 255 pages; notes
  • Soft Cover, 6" x 9" format
  • ISBN 10: 0-9666389-4-8
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-9666389-4-3
$19.95 Retail
+ shipping (see How to Order)


Members of the 100th Infantry Division Association and their family members

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